Sad Movies

Here is a partial list of movies that make you cry from this site ... I only listed the ones on the front page and only ones that I have seen:

Saving Private Ryan – Sad movie with hero death

Dead Poet’s Society – Sad movie with suicide death

Finding Neverland – Sad movie with Tuberculosis death

Glory – Sad movie with war death

Braveheart – Sad movie with hero death

Titanic – Sad movie with love death, many other deaths

Ghost – Sad movie with letting go after death

Patch Adams – Sad movie with murder and blame after death

Untamed Heart – Sad movie with a chronically ill death

The Green Mile – Sad movie with martyr death

Star Trek II the Wrath of Kahn – Sad movie with Spock death

A Walk to Remember – Love shortened by death

Hero – Sad movie with many deaths

Armageddon – Sad movie with sacrifice death

My Girl – Sad movie with first love and young death

Romeo and Juliet – Sad movie with star-crossed love and suicide death

To the list I would add:

Beaches - Reminds me of dying and makes me cry

Shadowlands - All time tear-jerker about CS Lewis and his wife

Brian's Song - All guys cry for Brian

Let me know if you have any to add to the list.


  1. Hi Bob,

    I am somewhat reluctant to add to your list because I don't want to bum you out but here are a couple of films that I would like to add to your list. All of these movies have brought tears to "my" eyes....

    Schindlers List


    Bicentennial Man

    Bridge to Taribethia

    Color Purple

    Hotel Rowanda

    Into the Wild

    King Kong...recent version


    Simon Birch

    Touching the Void

  2. Brian's Song is SO sad. And I can't even watch Saving Private Ryan

  3. On that site was this review of Memento. Serious good writing, but only for those who have seen the movie.

  4. The Notebook.

    If that one doesn't bring a tear to the corner of your eye, then you're not human!


  5. I would add "Remains of the Day," which represents both the death of an era in English life as well as the death of whatever chance there was for happiness between Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins (well, their characters at any rate). I also echo Nathan with his suggestion of adding "The Notebook;" that's a real tear-jerker. Bilbo's also got several good ones, including "Simon Birch."

  6. "To End All Wars" for sure! It's a true story to boot. A Scottish Regiment gets captured at the fall of Manilla and the Phillipines and lives out the war in Japanese POW camp. It's an incredible story that helps illustrate the sacrifice of Christ.

  7. Oh, yeah! Tears of the Sun too.


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