The Audacity of Obama

In her review of The Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama's book, Stephanie makes the following observations:

Obama thinks that a literal reading of the Bible is folly.

He is not a creationist (which is implied by the above fact.)

He believes faith and reason operate in different domains and involve different paths to discerning truth

(This isn't exactly a "fact... just an interpretation) It's implied he does not believe in the inerrancy of Scripture

This guy knows his scripture. He quotes some obscure verses, using them in a sentences that aren't really about faith or church or the bible. (And he doesn't site them, so unless you are pretty familiar with scripture, you might not no he was quoting the bible. It's almost like they are second nature to him, typical in his vocab, but they are not common scriptures you hear quoted.

I encourage you to read Stephanie's whole post.. it is balanced and well thought out.


  1. Thanks, Bob. She did a great job with the review. I don't read biographies much. In fact, I can only recalling reading one ever (Sydney Poitier). I may have to pick up Obama's though.

    It's no surprise that Obama is not a literalist. He came to Christianity late in life. My guess is most people who come to Christianity late in life are not literalists. Very few come late in life at all, IMO because they can't believe all the stuff they are asked to believe.


  2. I have to say Brian, that in light of those 300,00 soldiers.. Obama seems to be the best candidate out there.


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