Cubicle or Office?

One of my jobs in a past life invovled being responsible for who got an office and who didn't. It was very eye opening. My next job after that experience was more technical in nature.. as an independent contractor.. and I found myself enjoying cubicle life. Offices usually have some fairly stressful strings attached to them. What have been your experiences in your work life? Which environments have you been in and which do you prefer? Telecommuters need not respond :)


  1. I'm a telecommuter, but can I tell you that I was much happier with my hubby's cubicle job. An office came with less time at home. :(

  2. No fair! Telecommuters can't respond?

    I've had an office and I've worked in cubicles. In fact, I worked in an office where we had a shared desk (two people to a cubicle and an open back to the aisle-way. So, there was no privacy. Cubicle life is tolerable, even pleasant given depending on who you sharing with. I had a loud-mouth guy over the wall from me when we had "solo" cubicles in another job. I couldn't hear myself think when that guy was on the phone and I found myself scooting out of the office when he was there. Give me an office any day.

  3. The worst office setup is an open area with a bunch of desks. Everybody hears everything, everybody can read your computer screen. People are very irritating and irritable.

    I did enjoy cubicle life, when it was in comfortable cubicles. We could stand up and "prairie dog," pop our heads up over the walls and talk and fool around. We used to toss a balloon from cubicle to cubicle all day, a balloon would drift into my cube, I'd give it a little lift in another direction. An hour later, it would be back again - pretty funny. It WAS hard not to eavesdrop sometimes.

    Now I have a great office, nice size with a view, right next to the bosses and partners. It means I get a lot of interruptions as people ask me questions they wanted to ask the boss who was busy.

    Without considering my office accommodations, I have the most experience in the industry in my department, so I have to be really careful what I say, because people believe me. That's stressful!

  4. I currently have an office so lots of privacy, but I keep an open door so I can keep an ear out. I've had cubes and shared office space. I prefer the latter if the people are right.


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