Kansas: National Champions

This one minute video of the last few seconds of last nights game say it all. The basket tied the game and sent it into overtime, The rest is history.

Congratulations Jayhawks!

Adam Hamilton says it this way in his Lessons from the Jayhawks post:

My heart is still beating fast from watching the Jayhawks come back from a nine point deficit with two minutes left to tie the game at two seconds and send the National Championship into overtime, and then winning in overtime. Unbelieveable! Congratulations all you KU fans! There are a undoubtedly a host of life lessons in this victory - I’m hoping you’ll take a minute and tell us how the Jayhawks championship illustrates some great life principles or might serve as a great sermon illustration! :) One that comes to mind for me: There are people who give up when things look impossible, and there are people who never stop believing that things can turn around.


  1. How exciting for you! When I heard the news, you're the first person I thought of.

    Congratulations from the land of the Cubbie blues....

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