Quitting Church

Count me in with the 41%. I know it seems like a lot of people are quitting traditional church venues these days but this poll seems to indicate that the majority have stayed and not left. How would you have voted?


  1. I guess I'm with the 5% - instead of being attracted to Church and it's from the craddle to the grave hold over people - mentality,

    instead of comming to Church I have decided to go - and it's a lot more fun.

  2. Boy how do I answer this? I haven't attended church for over seven years but just started attending again in the last two weeks. So put me in the disillusioned church goer who finally found what she's looking for for now. :)

    And I never got to say: Congrats on the Jayhawks win!!!


  3. I was the 17% :) and now the 13% and though I know it will not remain 13% that easily, I hope and pray it will.

  4. For a while, I was the 3% "thought it was a waste of time" - although every now and then I'd get the strong urge to go and then fade away again, because I wasn't willing to walk the walk of faith.

    I need to get these categories stuck in my brain so when someone tells me "I used to go to church" I can ask why and see where they fit with the crowd just for my own info.

  5. Still hanging in there. I'm the kind of person who just doesn't know when to give up on a relationship sometimes. I'll try and try and try...

    Church seems like such a good idea I'm determined to try to make it work.

  6. I am in the 15%. But out of all the Christians I work with (aprox 45) there is only one other person there that I know of that does not go to church. If they find out I don't go to church, I could lose my job, literally. But, I don't think they would fire me over it.

  7. I found it hard to answer, since the definition of "church" as defined by the pollsters is probably different than my definition of the "church". How can any Christ-follower "leave" the church? They ARE the church, if they are following Jesus. That doesn't make any sense to me... You can't leave yourself and the believing friends God's given you (when you follow Jesus, He weaves your life into the lives of other believers).

    So I guess I would have to answer Yes (Other) 15%. Since I don't attend a Sunday morning meeting per se, but define the church as "living stones being fitted together" through relationship and joint mission. So, I have left behind a previous held conception of church, but never left the Church.

    I wonder if a lot of people tough it out (despite their frustration and boredom) because they have been taught that this is required of them by God. I find many people believe that they cannot be a God-pleasing Christian without "going to church" (using Christianity Today's definition of church as somewhere you go to consume spiritual services).

    Anyway, interesting poll! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I really like your response, Sarah. Thanks.

  9. I hear what you are saying Sarah.. two of my closest friends stopped going to Sunday morning services a year or so ago.. they will occasonally come when I preach.

    They seem happy to golf, enjoy brunch or just sleep in on Sundays. They just don't see the point of being involved with a community of believers.. they feel that random (arranged by the Spirit?) connections are a valid substitute for intentional community and fellowhip.

    I know from our conversations that your perspective is different than theirs but I think that they are representative of many who have "left church".


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