Best of Idol: Syesha

One of the American Idol stealth singers is Syesha Mercado. She has one of the biggest voices on the show and I think.. even though the AI judges might disagree.. could possibly make it to the top 3. Good luck Syesha!


  1. Syesha is sneaking up on them. She's getting better and better. I thought she did a great job with the Whitney/Dolly song. David Cook is my favorite. The most original guy in a long time. I also really like Brooke.

  2. I also like David and Brooke. David is somewhat reminiscent of Chris Daughtry.

  3. David does remind me Daughtry. But, I think he has a slightly better voice and I think he shows more versatility in his song selections. I loved his version of Billie Jean which I just knew I would hate.


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