US Christianity

This map (click on it to get a bigger version) points to the fact that the Roman Catholic (blue) and Baptist (red) churches dominate the American religious landscape.. Lutherans (orange), Mormons (brown) and Methodists (green) trail behind with all other denominations appearing non-existent. Does that surprise you? It did me.


  1. Yes, I hadn't thought that our major "competition" (joking, joking) would be Baptist. I presumed it would be a more evenly distributed group of Protestant Christian churches.

    That many Baptists? I think I personally know only about three. I know a billion nondenoms.

  2. Very Interesting! I am surprised by this too for the same reason as Therese.

  3. Well, I, on the other hand, knew that there were a lot of us Baptists out there but was surprised that there are so many Catholic churches.

  4. I live next to one of those little light blue boxes on the west side of Michigan. Kind of surprised that my county (Kent, the upright rectangle right next to the light blue ones) didn't get that coloring but I guess having the urban center of Grand Rapids offsets the Reformed influence.

    It's interesting to reflect on how the Reformed influence extends quite beyond our numbers.

  5. Facinating. I'd be interested to see how they decided to label. If it is just because that denomination is "predominant", then I'd look at this differently and want to look deeper. Either, way I, it make you think. Seems to show quite a polarization. Wonder if that is really true.


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