On Creating A Monster

Below are a few excerpts from Terry Somerville's article titled:

How To Know When You've Created A Monster

Have you ever noticed how you can follow the Lord, and lovingly create a ministry organization to better do the work, then one day the "creature" develops a life of it's own, gets off the table and begins to terrorize those who created it? It happens because of fallen human nature and the power of the world systems we used. Igor put a criminals brain in the creature instead of the one you expected! Here is how to know if you've created a monster!
  1. A Monster Is Created From Dead Body Parts.
  2. A Monster Is "Stitched" Together
  3. A Monster Develops a Life Of It's Own
  4. A Monster Demands That You Feed It
  5. A Monster Goes Out Of Control
  6. A Monster Is Only Loved By Little Children and The Blind
  7. A Monster is Eventually Killed By The Angry Mob
The genuine church that Jesus started cannot be stopped. He lives for ever!

Terry has some great insight in this article.. I encourage you to read the whole article.

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