Candidates as Communicators

1/5 Update: Having observed Mike Huckabee for several months now in different venues.. in debates and in TV interviews with Morning Joe, Meet the Press, Jay Leno.. I have to say that he is the best communicator on either side of the aisle. Mike is natural and believable.. he also seems to be willing to say when he is wrong and stick to his guns when he thinks he is right.

On the other side of the aisle the hands-down best orator of any candidate is Barack Obama.. he is inspirational and so reminiscent of some of our best presidential speakers. Which candidates do you think are the best communicators?
10/12: Last Sunday former Arkansas governor and US president Bill Clinton said this (to George Stephanopolus) of Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee:
Mr. Huckabee is the "only dark horse that's got any kind of chance. … He's the best speaker they've got."
I had not thought of Mike as a great speaker.. in this age of sound bites and TV ads it is something to consider.. public speaking is probably one of the things that helped get Bill Clinton elected.. he certainly had the ability to connect with people when he gave speeches. I don't think that it is one of his wife's strengths though.

Who, among the candidates, do you think is the best public speaker? Who do you think is the best debater.. the one who best can think on their feet?


  1. Huckabee is GREAT. So, unfortunately, is Hil.

  2. I think Huckabee is the best speaker. Obama would be a close second, I guess. I don't know who is the best debater, because the debates up to this point have been more like question and answer sessions. There isn't really any confrontation going on except the little school yard disputes between Romney and Giuliani on who is worse on illegal immigration.

  3. I got to see clips from the New Hampshire debate, and it seems to have been a bit more of a real debate than the others. Since I didn't get to see the whole thing, I don't know who really shined.


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