Iowa Caucus Prediction

On Thursday January 3rd Iowans.. my brother-in-law and his family included.. will vote to determine who will lead the pack amongst the Donkeys and the Elephants. Here are my predictions:

As you can see from the pictures I picked the prettiest candidate from each party.. each positioned on the appropriate side of the computer :)

Okay.. I made my picks.. not based on preferences mind you.. well maybe a little bit.. I'll keep them at the top of my blog until the polls close in Iowa.

Who are your picks to win in Iowa?


  1. those two really are pretty!!! I don't have a pick, I'm just voting for whoever you vote for. I'm just kidding....sort of.

  2. Huckabee for the GOP and Obama for Dems

  3. Huckabee and his supporters always seem to point out that Romney's attacking him. The already nascent Huck-a-bust will undoubtedly be blamed on Romney by Huck and his supporters. However . . . I don't think that Romney had anything to do with the fact that essentially every conservative with a microphone or blog has been railing against Huckabee for the last few weeks. Need some evidence?:

    Rush Limbaugh
    Condoleezza Rice
    Michelle Malkin
    Ann Coulter
    Phyllis Schlafly
    Bob Novak (others here & here)
    Peggy Noonan
    Charles Krauthammer
    Sean Hannity (kind of . . . not frontal attacks, but plenty of comments expressing concern with him as the potential GOP nominee)
    Laura Ingraham
    Fred Barnes
    Michael Barone
    Mark Steyn
    George Will-- ( these comments too on a TV news show)
    Glenn Beck (semi "reconciliation" ---- but then he's still not too impressed)
    Matt Drudge (it's obvious that he has a bone to pick with Huckabee given his coverage of late)
    David Limbaugh (another here)
    Kim Strassell
    Donald Lambro
    Jonah Goldberg
    Pat Buchanan
    Michael Reagan
    John Fund (an interesting video here)
    Jim Geraghty
    Tony Blankley
    Howie Carr
    Kathryn Jean Lopez (another here)
    James Taranto (also here too, and don't forget Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 of the "No Truck with Huck" series)
    Rich Lowry (this one too)
    Clarence Page
    Dean Barnett
    Mark Hemingway
    Walter Williams
    Austin Hill
    Tom Bevan
    Jack Kelly
    Deroy Murdock
    David Frum
    Jonathan Alder
    John Hinderaker
    Bruce Bartlett
    Victor Davis Hanson
    Johnathan Tobin
    Hugh Hewitt (and another)
    Frank Gaffney (who Huck claimed was one of his Foreign Policy advisors)
    Lori Byrd
    Peter Wehner
    Douglas MacKinnon
    Paul Mirengoff ( here and here too)
    The Editors of National Review (Oh yeah, this one too and both were written BEFORE the NR endorsed Romney)
    Mitt Romney :)
    Fred Thompson :)
    Rudy Giuliani :)
    Ron Paul :)

    You can just hear and feel all of these conservative/GOP icons pleading with the voters: "PLEASE DON'T MAKE US TRY TO DEFEND THIS GUY!!!" (should he be the nominee).

    Conclusion: Huckabee's not a full-spectrum conservative and the GOP would be unwise to give him the nomination. Romney has had to point out the un-conservative spots in Huck's record because the MSM/DNC axis sure hasn't been (they want him as the GOP nominee) and because McCain and Rudy want Huck to win Iowa to stifle Romney's path to the nomination. However, Romney is hardly alone in pointing out Huckabee's worrisome record.

  4. Thanks (I think) for the copy/paste Jeff. I do wish you would have read my post though.. comments like yours make me want to moderate comments :)

  5. Checked a few of your links Jeff and I don't think that some of them are really anti-Huckabee (Buchanan for one) and some just offer concern about Huckabee's immigration position.

    While I am no fan of Mike.. although I like him better than some other candidates.. I don't think that all of those links are as you represent them.. but I don't think that you will be back to respond :)

  6. I agree with the anonymous comment picking Obama and Huckabee. I agree with Jeff that Huckabee wouldn't be the candidate to appeal to the widest segment of the GOP, but he's definitely got a lot of support in Iowa. I've met Huckabee twice over the years (once as his driver for a day in Alabama), and found him to be one of the nicest, most engaging people I've ever met. As we've seen over the years, though, nice and engaging doesn't always win you the White House!

    Hope you and your family had a great Christmas, and my best to you for a great 2008!

  7. I think you should re-arrange the html in the post so that Romney's picture covers both the left and right columns. ;)

  8. Or maybe put Romney in the middle.. but then who would be on the right Casey? Is there a conservative that can win? Last I counted Mike isn't too different than Mitt.. and the others chances.. well I guess it won't be long and we'll know how it comes out :)

  9. Sorry for the late reply. I didn't realize you had responded. I agree with your observation about Huckabee. I think he is a prolife liberal. I'd put him on the left side. You know who I like. :D


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