The Future of US Immigration

My friend Jeanette sent me a link to this video that uses statistical modeling to forecast the stresses that immigration will place on the US. I was impressed by the mathematical approach but felt disappointed that no creative solution was proferred.. maybe the only solution is a radical reduction of immigration numbers? I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say about this.


  1. Bob, if this is accurate data, it sounds like it would be in our best economic, environmental, educational, social - well, interest in general to be the "world's policemen" destroying all the evil world dictators and investing billions in boosting other countries' economies so they won't come here anymore.

  2. Missy, it may be a factor in why we help so many third world nations.. it is probably in our best interest to do?

  3. Based on this, I think there certainly is an economical argument to spend money doing just that rather than spend the money here building a school a day. However, I liken immigration blocking to censorship of the pursuit of happiness. Coming from Texas, and especially in the tax business there, I think the IRS has instigated some efforts that will stifle some growth, at least from Jan. thru April. I tend to think the answer to this problem is to stop raising the minimum wage. The economy and segments of the population will suffer for a time, but in the long run, prices will come down and income won't be so enticing to border-crossers. We would all benefit. But politicians look for a quick fix to get them to the next election, so it will never happen. The problem might also get fixed by a mass exodus of Americans fleeing the oppression of taxation without representation. Kind of ironic.


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