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I regularly visit Dave Walker's Cartoon Blog ... his cartoons adorn the bottom right side of this blogsite as well as my other blogsite. Today Dave referenced a review from Christian Marketplace. To honor of Dave's work I quote the review below:
A Review by John Leach

A relative newcomer to the Church Times, Dave Walker produces a weekly cartoon guide to the oddities of the Church of England, and this book is his fi rst published collection. Dave serves the vital function of comedians down the ages: he helps us to laugh at ourselves and our strange and surreal ways, and he may even be a catalyst for change, although of course if we became too normal we’d put him out of business. Like his fellow cartoonist Ron Wood, of St Gargoyle’s fame, Dave insists that what he has drawn is based on real-life experiences in various churches. I think his cartoons are works of genius, and he deserves you to stock them and sell them!

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