I just saw another Britney shaves her head video on TV and just want to cry. I am not sure why but I have had this reaction several times this week. It really makes me sad that this very troubled young lady is hurting so much. I think that she is a representative of the many lost young people who need Jesus. I pray for Britney and the many like her who seem to have it all but are living lives of quiet desperation ... looking for love in the wrong places and finding none. Jesus please help these young ones to find reality in faith.

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  1. KB,
    Its fascinating to watch the response to this. I admit, I am humbled by my own response because so many times I've though she was just a party girl out for attention. Its obvious now that she's disturbed beyond that. Someone suggested on a post that she may have Post-partem depression - which is a serious, life-threatening disorder if not treated (sometimes threatening the life of your own children).

    How many Britneys are out there that are not in the media? You are so right Bob, we need to pray for the lost girls, boys, men and women who need the True Love of Jesus.


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