Epic Spoof Movies

Christianity Today's review of Epic Movie got me thinking about how I like movies that spoof other movies. I guess I like them because it helps me not to take myself too seriously. Leslie Nielson has done some great, albeit lame, spoof movies like Airplane, Repossessed, The Naked Gun movies, and more recently the Scary Movie movies.

Too bad that many of the later genre of these movies include questionable and rather nasty content. Don't think that I'll be seeing Epic Movie. Will you pass, catch it at the theater or wait for DVD?


  1. Hi Bob,

    Apparently the Christian and non Christian media are on the same side on this film. The Epic Movie received a zero per cent approval rating over at rottentomatoes.com., which is an amazing feat...so... people may want to pass on paying the nine bucks to see this film in prime time and wait until it comes out DVD....

  2. One of my sons saw it and said it was dumb but OK. Which to me translates as a waste of time given all the other movies I'd rather see.


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