Supersize Me!

Always be specific when you say "Supersize Me!" -- Therese Z


  1. I'm not good with captions, but that must be one heck of a personal pan pizza!

    - Matt

  2. Lino Rulli! (Bet I'm the only one who knows who that is)

    Apology accepted: I sure didn't call for a removal of the picture and comment stream, but isn't it interesting how rarely-true stereotypes are perpetuated, even when nobody meant that to happen?
    I won't associate your Godly pastors and preachers with Bakker and Haggard if you won't associate my consecrated religious men and women with Shanley and Law. Deal?

    Now I have to think of a caption...

  3. Thanks therese z. Obviously if I have to ask for fogiveness before I post a comment, the comment should go unposted and repented of. Apparently I shut my brain off temporarily.

    Now for a caption:

    Um...KB? I don't see the humorous part of this. That doesn't look any different than a normal lunch to me. (With the exception that there would be another 2 slices to go with it!)

    But for the sake of humor I will submit the following:

    1.) "I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing!"

    2.) In an attempt to make his Italian nose appear smaller, Dominique created a larger measuring tool.

  4. Always be specific when you say "Supersize Me!"


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