7,100 Brits in Iraq?

Today's announcement that Britain would be pulling 1,600 troops by the end of 2007, with the rest of the force, about 5,500 troops, staying at least until 2008 begs the question - is that all? Are there only 7,100 paltry British troops in Iraq? Less than 5% of the USA commitment.

I guess KB has been asleep at the wheel on this one. With all of the years of posturing, complete with joint Bush / Blair press conferences, you would have thought that the Brits had more skin in the game. I checked and here are the figures:

Military Personnel in Iraq As of (date)

United States, 140,000, November, 2006
Iraq, 75,791, June, 2006
United Kingdom, 7,200, October, 2006
South Korea, 2,800, August, 2006
Australia, 1,400, November, 2006
Georgia, 900, June, 2006
Poland, 900, November, 2006
Romania, 600, November, 2006
Denmark, 470, October, 2006
Italy, 0 ,December, 2006

The numbers put a whole different spin on the term Coalition Forces.


  1. The thing is that even though those are low numbers some of the other countries are saying that they are pulling out. It leaves a burden on the US Troops if we can’t get this resolved by then.

  2. We won't get this resolved anytime. These people have hated and killed each other for 2000 years. We should train their security forces as much as we can and when they wake up some morning soon we should be gone.


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