Elijah Sims

Sometimes blogging can bring an unexpected blessing to my morning. This morning was one such time as I read a few excerpts from Elijah Sims' (the son of fellow blogger Danny Sims) journal of his missions trip to the Philippines. The picture to the right is one of Elijah holding the head of a person having a tooth pulled. Here is an excerpt from his excerpts:

We then headed to the Sunrise clinic to help with the medical and dental mission. I held people’s heads still while they had their teeth pulled out. I had to step away 3 times because I felt sick from the cracking, snapping, and blood squirting… My friend Luke literally dragged me into the room where Luke’s Uncle Sam was performing surgery on people’s cysts. I was forced to see a woman be sewn up and then Luke set me free… I saw many sad and strange things today.”

Hats off to you Elijah from a friend and coworker in God's Kingdom.

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