The Blogger formerly known as Kansas Bob

One of my blogging friends posted recently about how she wanted to use a Blogspot name that is not available because it was used many years ago and is now defunct. It reminded me of how many of my friends gave me the business when I moved to Kansas City, Missouri in June, 2010. They said that I could no longer be known as Kansas Bob simply because I no longer lived in Kansas.

Over the years I have vacillated wondering if I should bother changing my blog and my blogging identity - and should I even attempt to go with a different URL? In recent days I have made a few changes. I now appear on your comment feed as "KC Bob" and my blog banner says "Kansas City Bob". Not sure that I will ever change the URL though as is already taken. ツ


  1. It's all relative.
    Stay just as you are, but if you do change I'll still follow you...(:0)

  2. I like your blogs Bob, but change can be fun too:)!

  3. What's in a name? By any name, I'd still enjoy reading your content!

  4. You all are very kind! Thanks so much fro being a part of my world!


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