Ingrained Skepticism

Growing up in New York City, I think that I have always leaned towards the cynical. My
predisposition is towards skepticism. LOL, I have always called it being a “realist”.

As I am ready through the scriptures, with the Bible in 90 Days group that I am leading, I am continually being confronted by people who have a different attitude than me. I cried when I read in Genesis about Joseph telling his brothers that God had a better plan and used his suffering to preserve their family – not because I agreed or disagreed with Joseph’s theology but because I saw an attitude in Joseph that I admired and want to aspire to. His perspective seems so much better than mine.

And when I read in Exodus about how only two Israeli spies out of twelve returned to Moses with a “good report” I was confronted with the fact that I would have probably been counted with the ten. Thinking about Ruth, I think that I would have been the daughter-in-law who returned to Moab and missed out on the blessing. So many of the great people in scriptures were great because of their attitude. I guess my point is that I am seeing that the scriptures are filled with Josephs, Joshuas, Calebs and Ruths – and I so want to have their attitude towards God and toward life. Maybe we who lean a bit towards cynicism and skepticism can help each other to change by praying for each other?

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