Reversing Nerve Damage

If successful, a new remyelinating antibody called rHIgM22 may help reverse nerve damage caused by MS. In a collaboration between the Mayo Clinic and Acorda Therapeutics, Inc., a “first-in-human” trial of the drug rHIgM22 to repair nerve damage caused by multiple sclerosis (MS) is currently recruiting volunteers.

Earlier animal studies of rHIgM22 showed improvements in motor activity, meaning a possible reversal of disability. If successful, this could be a groundbreaking achievement, particularly for those with progressive forms of MS, for which there are no treatments currently available. Read more about this drug trial here.


  1. I have a friend in the early stages of MS. I hope this turns out to be something!

  2. I do too Alice. My hope is that something like this will eventually help Ann get out of the wheelchair. We had hopes of that happening two years ago when Ann had the stem cell transplant and was a bit disappointed when it did not.

  3. Hopefully it will be something that will help, and that it won't take long to get approval. Keep everyone posted!


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