Gravity | ★★★

Ann and I saw this movie in XD (yes we had to wear dark glasses to get the 3D effects) with friends yesterday at a local theater. I had high expectations for it as the KC Star gave it their highest rating. As you can see by my low rating (3 stars means that I disliked but did not hate it) I am not a fan of Gravity. Here is my rationale:

•  The movie was a bit like Speed (that great Sandra Bullock / Keanu Reeves
    thriller) without the chemistry between both the stars and the villain.
•  It was a movie about nothing. Apart from the theme of getting back to
    earth it had no story line and was pretty boring.
•  The characters were fairly vanilla and pretty uninteresting. The dialog
    seemed to be a huge waste of Bullock's and Clooney's acting abilities.
•  I would normally say that it lacked editting and was too long but if it were
    edited much it would have come in at one hour.

As I said, I did not like the movie and, on a scale of ten, give it ★★★.

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  1. Oh, Kansas Bob, I have to disagree with you. My twin and I went and saw it at our local theater in 3D! We thought it was amazing, scary, and clean enough for kids! "Loony" Cloony was there for the name recognition! We loved the action, reacted to the 'flying' debris, and just thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd give it a 5/5!

    1. I appreciate that feedback Linda! I did appreciate the kid-friendly aspect of it. The PG-13 was probably due to the subject matter and intensity of a few themes.

  2. Glad to hear your review. I was concerned it may not be as good as its made out to be. I do plan on seeing it maybe this week.

    1. You may like it Debby. I know of a few others (besides Linda above) that did. Here is a review of it from a FB friend:

      "Visuals are stunning! The movie takes you into the unknown, we see our world and life from a very different perspective! Puts vulnerability and being out of control into new dimensions. Only two actors - Bullock is brilliant! Music is incredible. It's a compelling, on the edge of your seat movie, with the simple theme of survival, perseverance and something or someone greater than yourself involved."


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