What is Justice?

This week was filled with all sorts of opinions about the recently decided jury case in Florida. Many folks have opined strongly and lengthy about the case. Some felt that justice was done and others thought it was not. The case reminds me that laws and legal systems do not always achieve justice. Here is a comment that I wrote on Heather Koop's post titled: "Will There Be Monsters in Heaven?"
I think that our thoughts of vengeance are rooted in our skewed human view of justice. Justice is not found in retribution against the monsters but in the acts that restore such devils and make them saints.
A few years ago I spent three years weekly visiting a prison in Kansas and three years monthly visiting a jail in Kansas City. My one observation was that justice was only being accomplished in those places when the lives of the men there were being changed for the better. Justice looked more like contrition and repentance than about penalization. Apart from that, I do not think that justice really exists behind bars. My hope is that one day such justice will be more prevalent.


  1. I use to visit the NM State Pen with my parents as a young child. My mother & I (and the other woman from the church) were only allowed to go into the woman's side. My father, and the other men, would visit the men's sections. I don't recall a lot about it but that it was uncomfortable for me as a child. I do not think we have the remotest idea about justice any more. I do think we should accept the outcome of a trial and verdict. If the "system" is wrong then that needs to be changed, but not rebellion against the system.

    I have, prior to this, not said one word about this trial. It just makes me sad to view and be aware of the state of our country - PERIOD!! I have also not commented about the raging ado about gun rights. I personally do not want weapons in my home, and my wonderful husband honors that request. My faith is in Christ and God and HIS/THEIR plans and purposes for my life.

    I think you know me well enough, Bob, to know I would not make these comments on most blog posts but I respect you and yours, and I think you respect me, so I feel free to comment like this.

    I pray that I treat people with kindness iand respect n every transaction I have with anyone. That is the justice I want to give

    1. Beautiful comment Susan. Loved your last sentence. In my view the heart of justice is treating people like that.


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