Facebook Contrarianism

"A contrarian is a person who takes up a contrary position, especially a position that is opposed to that of the majority, regardless of how unpopular it may be."

I wonder if this word, contrarian, somewhat describes the way that many folks interact on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. I can relate to acting that way on occasion - my FB friends probably think it to be too many occasions.

That said, I wonder if you think that a contrarian is a welcome presence in your world or do you run when you see one? Are you the type of person who wants to always hangout with folks that have similar views or are you open to hearing views that are contrary to the ones that you hold? I vote for the latter. ツ


  1. I appreciate different views, and opinions.

  2. I agree. If you can't take in ALL the information and then still know where you stand on a particular subject, then you truly don't know what your stand is or what you truly stand for and believe.

  3. I don't mind well reasoned opposing views, I invite them. I also don't mind someone taking an opposing view, just for the sake of argument, but I prefer that they make that clear.

    I had a philosophy professor, when I was studying Christian ministries, who would take on the beliefs of each philosopher we studied. Any of us who had read, and understood the text, knew what he was doing. Many did not, so it led to some heated arguments. It was a fun class.

  4. All of the above at times.
    I like to hear other opinions...who knows, I may change mine.
    Sometimes safe is more comfortable, not forward advancing but safe.
    Thanks for rattling my cage on occasion and being so loving about it.

  5. I value another person's views unless they pick a fight with someone who's views are different or are always looking to stir up trouble.

  6. I love reading what you all have commented here. I think of my friends in the Blogosphere as ones who sharpen my thinking and broaden my views. Thanks so much for sharing your wise thoughts with me!


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