The Selfie

I am thinking that I have simply been too shielded from Social Media - is that possible for a guy who has been blogging since 2004? I say that because I have never (to my ancient recollection anyways) heard of the term "selfie". Here is how The Guardian newspaper describes it.
It starts with a certain angle: a smartphone tilted at 45 degrees just above your eyeline is generally deemed the most forgiving. Then a light source: the flattering beam of a backlit window or a bursting supernova of flash reflected in a bathroom mirror, as preparations are under way for a night out. The pose is important. Knowing self-awareness is conveyed by the slight raise of an eyebrow, the sideways smile that says you're not taking it too seriously. A doe-eyed stare and mussed-up hair denotes natural beauty, as if you've just woken up and can't help looking like this. Sexiness is suggested by sucked-in cheeks, pouting lips, a nonchalant cock of the head and a hint of bare flesh just below the clavicle. Snap! Afterwards, a flattering filter is applied. Outlines are blurred, colours are softened, a sepia tint soaks through to imply a simpler era of vinyl records and VW camper vans.

All of this is the work of an instant. Then, with a single tap, you are ready to upload: to Twitter, to Facebook, to Instagram, each likeness accompanied by a self-referential hashtag. Your image is retweeted and tagged and shared. Your screen fills with thumbs-up signs and heart-shaped emoticons. You are "liked" several times over. You feel a shiver of – what, exactly? Approbation? Reassurance? Existential calm? Whatever it is, it's addictive. Soon, you repeat the whole process, trying out a different pose. Again and again, you offer yourself up for public consumption.
I do not think that I have ever taken a selfie but maybe I should? How about you? Have you ever taken one?


  1. I have taken one, but not for public use, they are not photography.

  2. So are these pictures of ourselves in the mirror with our phone. I know I have tried and I think I had one I liked but my pictures in the mirror of myself are horrible yet a lot of people do a good job with theirs!

  3. Never heard of it until I read this post. No and I think not!!!

  4. I haven't taken one. I wonder if people who take them and post them of themselves will ever look back and wonder what they were thinking?

  5. I've seen plenty of them on facebook, but never taken one. I love the description of them though and Abe's selfie is great.

  6. Young people seem to take a lot of these.

    LOL, if only I could find an app for my phone that would make me look young again.


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