Endorsing Coffee Shop Etiquette

This image is one of our local coffee shop that is just a few blocks from our loft. Visiting a coffee shop is usually a great and relaxing experience. Yet sometimes not so much when worker-bees are there. I endorse the points that James Kendrick at ZDNet makes in a post titled "Coffee shop work etiquette". Here are his points with my commentary ...
  • Take phone calls outside :: nothing is more annoying than someone near to you that is breaking your morning zen by yelling at their phone.
  • Always use headphones :: not interested in your music or the latest viral video that you think is so entertaining.
  • Don't be an outlet addict :: really - you are spending way too much time at the coffee shop (or you need a new computer) if you need to plug in.
  • Befriend the baristas :: good advice. try tipping them too.
  • Do not conduct interviews in public places :: who wants to see grown people trying to impress lower level managers?
  • Keep meetings small and quiet :: sometimes it is hard to hear someone across the table from you because of all the noisy (not really) "business" that is being done.
  • Introduce yourself to other regulars :: my friend and spiritual mentor is an advocate of this kind of interaction - not that you will catch me doing it ... but feel free to talk to me.
Anything else bother you in these places? Do you have anything to add to the etiquette list?

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