Purgatory, Twitter and Timelessness

This week a CNet story reported that Roman Catholics could: "Cut your time in purgatory by following pope on Twitter". Reminded me of the many conversations that I have had about the timeless nature of existence after life. My view is that anything (i.e. spirit or soul) that survives death will not be limited to the confines of time. It seems to me that time is something that is part of the physical universe and, as such, does not factor into a post-death spiritual world. So the thinking that one can spend "time" in a penitential place called purgatory (or whatever you want to call it) seems to be based on the HUGE assumption that time exists after we die.

If time does exist however, then it seems like heaven will not be as many of us imagine it to be. If time exists in heaven then surely God will not exist there differently than He does in our present day. For if God exists in a time bounded heaven then it would mean that He has chosen to exist inside of something that he has created. Yes, this can make our theological heads spin. But it is something we should consider when we ponder purgatory. ツ


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