My Take on the Oscar Nods

The Oscars nominations came out yesterday and I thought that I might give a bit of commentary on the movies and actors that I actually saw ...
  • Moneyball | best picture.
    Really? I gave it seven stars out of ten. It was pretty good but I cannot imagine
     how anyone could think that it deserved to be "the best".
  • Brad Pitt | best actor in Moneyball.
    I like him okay but did not think that he was all that great.
  • Meryl Streep | best actress in The Iron Lady.
    The movie trailer has me convinced - but I am a huge fan of Streep.
  • Jonah Hill | best supporting actor in Moneyball.
    He was okay but I think that others would have been better.
  • Melissa McCarthy | best supporting actress for Bridesmaids
    Bad movie and a lame performance. Nothing like her Emmy winning Molly.
  • Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo | best screenplay for Bridesmaids
    Cannot believe that this bad movie got any recognition.
  • Steven Zaillian, Aaron Sorkin, Stan Chervin | best screenplay for Moneyball
    Not sure what to think about this. The script was okay but it needed a lot of editing.
  • Moneyball | best achievement in editing
    Hard to believe this one. Some scenes just seemed to linger way too long.
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes | best achievement in visual effects
    The chimps, monkeys and apes did seem a bit believable. :)
You can view all of the nominees at the IMDB site. I am hoping that some of these are not representative of the quality of the awards this year. Please chime in if you have seen any of the nominated movies or actors.


  1. The only one of these I saw was Bridesmaids. My wife insisted on watching it. It was one of the WORST movies of ALL TIME. I got the feeling that the chicks wanted to make a flick as raunchy as any flick made by a man and they succeeded. I do think that Melissa McCarthy does deserve a nod though because her performance in the film was so different than her performance on Mike and Molly and from the way she seems to be in "real life". I thought she did a great job with the role and was about the only thing entertaining about the film.

    1. I had the same feeling about why they did a movie like Bridesmaids Brian.

  2. We must have seen the same movies this year Bob -- liked Moneyball, but not a best picture. The actors were all good. Bridesmaids was awful. Apes was lots of fun.

    Also say Midnight in Paris (which I loved) and Harry Potter (which was fabulous, of course). Do want to see Hugo, Tinker-Tailer and Ides of March, though the Artist also has me intrigued too. Am not a big Streep fan, but otherwise we seem in sync!

    1. Thanks Ed! Midnight in Paris is in my Netflix Queue. Look forward to watching it.

  3. I haven't seen ANY movies this year but want to see The Descendants, Moneyball, Ides of March, The Artist and a few others. Wonder if I can squeeze them all in by the Oscars?

    From what I have seen and heard I'm also a bit bewildered by some of the choices. I always wonder if these award shows truly recognize talent OR if they have to be politically correct and nominate films based on what would make them look good to certain groups of people. I'm cynical :)

  4. P.S. I saw The Help! Forgot about that. I'm not a fan of Emma Stone*, but the Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer were great.

    *Ever since she made a comment about heroin being a recreational drug.

    1. The Help and others that you mentioned are all on our Netflix queue. Especially looking forward to seeing The Help.

  5. Moneyball: Thought it was a good story and liked Brad Pitt but not best movie of the year! I haven't seen Meryl Streeps movie yet but I plan to, I also love her. I like Jonah Hill but nothing special in his performance in this movie. I did not like Bridesmaids at all. I love Melissa but did not like her in the movie. I am trying to see most of the movies. I saw J. Edgar last night and Leo is always great. Loved My Week With Marilyn, Michele Williams was wonderful. Just saw The Artist today and loved it, it was amazing in my opinion. Saw The Decendents, good movie but not best movie of the year!

    1. Thanks for the mini-reviews Debby! Those flicks are on my Netflix queue and I look forward to seeing them.


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