Endorsing Herman Cain in SC

I am recommending Herman Cain in South Carolina to all voters that are fed up with with the current field of candidates. After the events of this week I think that I could vote that way. I think that it might be a good message to send the GOP?


  1. Umm, Bob? Didn't Herman Cain drop drop of the campaign before Iowa?

    BTW, I just saw that Chuck Norris has endorsed the Newt. I fear the "master of the roundhouse kick" has taken a few too many kicks to the cranium. 8(

  2. @CR - If you closely examine the campaign ad you will discern that the a vote for Cain is a vote for a guy who has a show on Comedy Central cable network. It is also a protest vote. I mean really? These four are the best we can do?

    Regarding Newt - I think that the support he gets from Christians is indicative of a great delusion that has captured many people. If it is Newt v Barack in November I will be writing in that guy in the picture above. :(


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