Above and Beyond

Damon is a member of the Monday morning men's group at church that I attend and I wanted to share this great letter to the editor, titled "KC Police go Above and Beyond", that appeared this week in the Kansas City Star. Kudos to him and Detective Cassady. I think that we just do not hear enough stories like this one ...

I left my Apple iPad in the seat pocket on a flight I took recently.

Fortunately I have the “Find My iPad” application, and one week later my missing iPad was located at an apartment complex near the Kansas City International Airport.

Based on the location, I guessed that someone who works at the airport had picked up my iPad so I called the Kansas City Police Department for help.

I explained the circumstances and gave the location of my iPad to Sgt. Damon Hayes, who was helpful and very professional. He sent Detective Mark Cassady out to the apartment complex.

Apparently Detective Cassady is tenacious and very persuasive.

He figured out quickly enough which residents worked at the airport and after knocking on doors, he somehow persuaded the person to return my property.

Here’s the lesson: If you own an iPad or iPhone, get the locator application.

But even more important, when it goes missing, hope it is located in a jurisdiction with a police department like Kansas City’s.

I hope you are lucky enough to encounter professionals like Sergeant Hayes and Detective Cassady.

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