Is this Post is a Waste of Time?

"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." -Bertrand Russell

Read this quote the other day on my friend Barbara's blog and got to thinking about the things that many judgmentally deem a waste of time. Perhaps some consider blogging a waste of time? Occasionally I get a backhanded compliment about my blogging that seems to convey the idea that this sort of activity is a waste of time. Here are a few other things that people deem to be wasteful and my ornery commentary on their judgments.

  • Television: So often the people who rail against couch potatoes are the ones who spend hours reading romance novels and newspapers.

  • Sports: People who do not like athletics often portray jocks as dumb dolts who cannot do anything else. I counter with: Rhodes Scholar, NJ Senator and NBA Star Bill Bradley; Congressman and NFL Quarterback Jack Kemp; and Minnesota Vikings Purple People Eater Alan Page who became an associate justice on the Minnesota supreme court.

  • The Internet: Many people mock the folks who enjoy web surfing and interacting with others in venues like blogging and Facebook. I have grown so much through these venues. My thinking about many issues have been challenged and I have grown as a person from these venues.

Just a few examples. What other "time wasters" could be added to my list? What do you enjoy "wasting time" doing?


  1. I particular like the one about the television.
    "Television: So often the people who rail against couch potatoes are the ones who spend hours reading romance novels and newspapers."
    well said,my good sir!

  2. Many deem Blogging and FaceBook a waste of time.
    For me, Blogging is a creative way to show my photography and I have met so many friends from all over the world because of it. It gets my juices flowing.
    FaceBook has connected me with people I wouldn't otherwise be in contact with.
    Yes it can take a lot of my time but I see benefits outweighing the time factor.
    I also consider "down-time" of just sitting in my backyard and watching the birds, clouds and meditating perfectly good "do nothing" time. Some would say I am wasting it but it recharges my batteries.

  3. P.S. I love your little photo and quote about not being finished doing nothing.
    Good stuff.

  4. I like it! The TV comment was all like...ouch!

    We should all do what we enjoy and not worry about how others spend their time:)

  5. Great comments all!

    Agree with Ma's last comment for sure!


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