2012 Word Dreams

I like the idea of thinking of a single word to represent your focus of intention for the new year (rather than a list of resolutions). What word would you choose?

One of my friends posted that to her Facebook status. I loved the responses she got.. Doomsday did not make the list.. my word was 'change'. Thought I might share a few of them along with a bit of commentary.
  • Happy: I often allow happenings to affect my happiness. I would like that to happen less.
  • Acceptance: I think that there may be a connection between this and happiness.
  • Intentional: There is something empowering about making plans and living on purpose.
  • Creativity: Not just for the artistically minded. Living and changing is sometimes all about this word.
  • Determined: Love that word! Speaks to me about persistence in the face of trials.
  • Adventure: A challenging word for someone like me who likes to play it safe.
  • Simplicity: Ann and I began to simplify and enjoy life more in 2010 when we downsized.
Do you resonate with any of these words? What is your word for this New Year? Hopefully it is not Doomsday. :)


  1. I think all these words resonate with me.
    Adventure...I do like to play it safe but find it exhilarating when I am able to step beyond myself.
    Simplicity- Dave and I began a new life when we moved 4 1/2 years ago. We are definitely happier in this new season.
    Trust...I'm learning to lean on the Lord more and more each day and I want my Trust to grow. I guess its letting go and letting God.
    Thanks for sharing of yourself Bob.

  2. Mine for this year is "Talmid" (disciple)- does cover quite a few of those other words on your list. Blessed New Year to you!


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