What is America's Longest War?

If you are one of the 15 brave souls who took the poll that I have been running or just want to know the answer to the question click here and let me know if you were wrong or right.. some of you were.

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  1. I had an awesome history teacher in the 8th grade. He basically threw out the text book and instead taught us from a collection of packets. It was a very difficult class, by the end of the year, he suggested me for AP in the 9th grade. Anyway, I remember this little nugget of history that I have never heard about since. After the spanish American War, we acquired the Phillipines from Spain. Needless to say, the natives didn't want us there, so we fought a 3 year war there. However, the actual conflict lasted 14 years (1899 to 1913) and would be our longest conflict. It was fought very similar to vietnam.


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