Change! Not the kind you are thinking about :)

A few days ago I emptied several of our coin jars into a canvas bag. Thursday Ann perused the bag and completed her collection of state quarters. Yesterday I visited the bank and was amazed when the deposit came to $80.03.

What do you do with loose change? Do you immediately recycle it or do you, like me, leave it laying around for years?


  1. We have these..

  2. About three years ago we were at dinner one night when we realized that our family had a lof of "major events" in the year 2013. Myself, my wife, and each of the three kids had "milestone" birtdays, as did our parents. Plus major anniversaraies, graduations, etc. Soe we decided we would celebrate it all on one day. Since then, we've had a "2013 Fund" jar in the kitchen. Have cashed it in twice so far and have over $400 saved for the party!

  3. Bob,

    No one remembers exactly when. But, about 8-10 years ago we bought a three foot replica of a Pepsi bottle that has a coin slot at the top. We'd throw our loose change into it. A few months ago I finally decided to cash it in. It was over $1,000. I found another one (this time a Coke bottle) and we're doing it over again.

  4. @Mike - I have seen those Coinstar machines advertised. Guess I would rather go with a no-fee deal from my bank. Don't bank's in the UK count coins?

    @Ed - Making saving fun! What a great idea!

    @Brian - Over $1,000! That is amazing! My $80 seems to be a pittance in comparison.

  5. Hi Bob,

    Hubby manages to collect change like rabbits have babies! However that gives me the opportunity to look for "wheat" pennies while I'm rolling them for the bank. After I moved into his/our apartment right after we were married, I found $27 of pennies on the kitchen bar. As you can see, the man simply hates messin' with change! LOL!

    I try to keep my pocketbook change to a modest level because my purse is heavy enough as it is.

  6. I hate messing with change too CR. I have been know to use my credit card at fast food places just to avoid dragging change around with me.

  7. Hi Bob,

    You should know that Hubby hates credit cards just as much as he hates change. With all the plastic in his wallet from everything from driver's license, to discount cards, to health insurance IDs, a shine always forms on the fabric of his wallet pocket before the rest of his work trousers start looking worn. LOL!

  8. Hi Bob,

    Back in the '50s my Mom and Dad took all their loose change in a pillowcase and cashed it in at the bank. With that money, they made the down payment on their first house! My hubby and I save all our change in a cigar box and cash it in every couple of months when it gets full. We usually get about $120 about 3 times a year. Also, my Mom REFUSES to spend dimes; she saves every single one, usually compiling about $800 just in time for Christmas shopping. :)

  9. Love those stories Heather! My $80.03 is seeming smaller with each of these stories :)


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