Presidential Supreme Court Justice

If you are one of the 8 brave souls who took the poll that I have been running or just want to know the answer to the question click here and let me know if you were wrong or right.. some of you were.

Do you think Bill Clinton will be the second president to sit on the high court?


  1. I just can't imagine Bill Clinton sitting on the SC bench. To restrictive for him.

  2. Got the poll right, and like David can't imagine BC on the bench. I get the impression he likes his life as it is right now.

    I would say Hillary would make it before he would.

  3. I picked Taft because I knew the others had not been justices.

    Bill would never accept a supreme court nomination. The Republicans would have a field day draggin up Clinton's affair with Lewinsky and his denial, and another possible affair with Flowers. It would make the Thomas confirmation hearing look like a cakewalk.

    A Hillary confirmation wouldn't be as bad as Bill's but my guess is that she wouldn't do it.

  4. Bill Clinton for U.S. Supreme Court? Umm, wasn't he disbarred from practicing law in Arkansas?

    BTW, Taft's ambitious dream always was to become a Supreme Court Justice. He did not particularly want the presidency.


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