Invasion of the Post-Its!

I had to laugh when I saw this picture because it reminded me of an old coworker (also named Bob) who had a post-it todo/reminder system. According to USA Today April marks the 30th anniversary of those little yellow sticky things. I never was a huge fan. Once upon a time I used them to model data relationships. Of course I have used my share to write notes that I stuck on monitors to remind coworkers of lunch dates and other urgent matters.

Are you a post-it addict? Where were you when you used your first post-it? Any funny stories to share about them? What's your favorite color? Mine is blue.


  1. I have a funny story, meaningful to mean on two levels since the woman who was my secretary has died.

    I was training a secretary in matters pertaing to loan processing. One day she brought me a file that was covered in little yellow posty notes.

    I told her I hate those things and please don't use them to make important notes for a case file. She asked, "Why?" I said, "Look at your shoe." Sure enough, a posty note with vital information had fallen off the file to the ground, and some point she had stepped on it causing it to cling to her shoe, all the while with vital info on it.

    She said, "Ok, got it. Anthing esle you hate?" I said, "As a matter of fact there are two other things I hate." One is gum - no one seems to know how to chew it quietly, they sound like cows chewing their cud. Secondly, staples - use paper-clips. Staples do not go thru copy or fax machines well. Lost a lot of pieces of documents becasuse of a hidden staple."

    That is not the funny story part. Here it is - a couple of says later she brought to me a stick of gum that she had stapled to a posti note as a "presentation" to me. I taped that stapled piece of gum to that posti note to my computer monitgor and had it for years as a reminded of her, lesson learned, and her wonderful humor.

    It may be one of those things which require a visua, but imagine a lone stick of gum stapled to a little yellow piece of paper, because those where three things I "hated" in an office.

    I was touched by her humor and her ability to poke fun at her boss.

  2. Great story Gregg! Hope the gum wasn't chewed :)

  3. I thought those were made obsolete years ago! <a href=">McIntosh Post-It-Note</a>

  4. Wonderful story Gregg! I had a co-worker that lived his life with yellow post-it notes! His desk, his car, his brief case ....drove me crazy! I'm a Note book person and always kept a running log in a 5 star notebook. It saved my neck several times because I had time and dates of events I had recorded.


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