Mustache Stimulus Package

This AP article reports that the St. Louis-based American Mustache Institute, a mustache advocacy group, thinks that it's time that mustached Americans got in on the stimulus money to pay for trimming instruments, wax, combs and mirrors.

Seemed like a good post for Tax Day!


  1. What IS that on the face on the right? Is that really a moustache?

    Wow, Bob - looks like you need to work on yours to come up to THAT standard!

  2. That moustache does not look sanitary.

  3. Alas Sue, I shaved my beard (which I grew out for Lent.. I posted a pic on FB) along with my mustache on Easter morning. Strangely I found myself praying more during Lent this year.. seemed like every time I felt my face it reminded me to pray :)


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