Spiritual Soldiering

An interesting 9 minute video by Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. This is my first viewing of Driscoll in action and I can see why so many people are attracted to his speaking. Bill Hybels criticized this video because it did not speak of women church planters.

I found it interesting how Driscoll equated soldiering and warfare with manhood. Of course, in the flesh, this might be a somewhat realistic picture of soldiering ... but in reality ... hello ... I know way more gals who pray and fight spiritually than guys. Sad that Mark uses 'soldier' language the way that he did. I thought that this video seems to be a very carnal take on 'soldiering'.

The cornerstone of spiritual soldiering is humility of heart ... maybe it is why we guys are so bad at it. I would be interested in a contrary (to my) perspective on the video if you have one.


  1. I got turned off in the first minute. You are right, its all about 'guys"

  2. Huh?

    I know people who have had their hearts crucified by "teachers" such as this - and it wasn't for Christ.

  3. Hmm. He's the one who's been called a homophobe and mysogynist. Isn't he the one that wrote something about fat, lazy, pastor's wives and how they need to stay "hot" for their husbands to keep them from straying?
    I haven't heard anything positive about him, and stopped watching after he said something about "picking the best man" to plant a church.
    That's God's call....the best man...or woman!

  4. Mark can draw you in that’s for sure but I was very put off by the guns. I can’t see Jesus with a gun, I couldn’t get past that image of a Rambo Jesus. Not a fan of Mark’s

  5. You said you wanted contrary...

    While I don't like most of the content of the video, I think I see what he's trying to do.

    Men, by their nature, place a large importance on victory. Failure is a big deal to a man, and there is a new crop of thinkers out there trying to "raise the men up" in the church (John Eldridge, David Murrow). These thinkers tend to use a lot of fighting and rescuing-type vocabulary words as way for church to seems less "wussy" or "girlie" - which is what many of the guys I know in their 20s see church as being. I think he's trying to reach that demographic (men, not unchurched men in their 20s, that is) by "speaking their language".

    I don't think Discroll was as successful as he could have been. Ironic, no?

    But I'm a girl. Clearly I'm not his target audience.


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