Famous Last Words

Here are some famous last words posted by Patti in a comment to this post on the Dilbert Blog:
I can do that with my eyes closed.

My dad can take your dad

I'll be back before you know it.

Trust me

Don't worry, my parents are asleep

This won't hurt a bit.

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice.

The worst is over

Look mom..no hands!

Don't worry. This boat can't sink.

Umbrella? There isn't a cloud in the sky!

We've got plenty of gas, don't worry.

I'm sure we'll be there in a minute.

I never get lost!

Give me a good tool and I can build/fix anything
Any additions? My entry is "God would never do that!" :)


  1. How 'bout:

    "Don't you know who I am"

    "It wasn't me"

    "They'll never figure out it was me"

    "There's nothing wrong with your car"

    "Yes, that is the full amount" (Acts 5)

  2. "You made that for me? I'll try it on, but I'm allergic to dog hair."

    "The brake's will cost that much, huh? I'll bring the car back in next week..."

    "Thanks, Park Ranger, Sir. We'll make sure to make plenty of noise!"


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