Nick Names

Milly has a post on Nick Names at her place. Here is what I commented:
Growing up (and whenever I visit my relatives in NY/NJ) I was called Bobby ... okay until I returned home from the Army.

I was tagged 'Egghead' and 'Eggy' after I got buzzed at the barbers - guess my head looked like an egg ... HATED that one ... stuck for years in Junior High.

In the early 80s I was tagged with 'Eddy' by a co-worker ... hated that one too.

Parents should take note of name-spins when they name their babies.

I guess, for know - if you need a nickname you can call me KB :)
I turned comments off here so that you would go over to Milly's place and share your Nick Name story ... and to keep you from giving me a new nick name :)