Ashes in Orbit

According to this article:
Cremation rates in the United States have risen from 20% to 30% since the mid-1990s, according to the Cremation Association of North America. The association projects that by 2025, the rate will be 50%.
Not sure what I think about cremation. I have to admit that, as I get older, I think a bit more about this option. Of course, for as little as $495, you can send your ashes into orbit J ... are you interested?


  1. Not long ago some fell back I hear.

    The ashes of late Star Trek actor James Doohan have been found in mountains in the US state of New Mexico, where they landed after a brief flight in space.

  2. Creepy. Disrepectful of our bodies' eventual location, glorified when the raising of the dead and the Final Judgment take place. I don't have any problem with cremation vs burial, but flinging away our earthly bodies by scattering the ashes in the backyard or Lake Whatever or into space - why? It seems prideful, novel, just to draw attention.

    Sorry. This whole idea makes me grumpy.


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