Season Finales

Have to admit that my DVR screwed up and I missed the CSI (Las Vegas) finale. I caught the Heroes, Housewives and Idol finales - liked Heroes, think I'll stop watching Housewives (how did I get hooked in the first place?) and thought that Idol was okay. What did you think?


  1. Heroes and Grey's are the only ones I watch...hooked on 'em both. Kinda disappointed in both finales. Nathan made me proud, tho!

  2. I rarely get to watch Housewives, too late here on the EC, but I caught this one and I liked the ending very much, but so far I hate the storyline starting up with Brea. CSI was interesting, but predictible. I was touched by the heartbreaking end of Grey's Anatomy. Disclaimer: I channel surf a lot, and usually only watch the beginning and end of shows!

    Is heroes on Wednesday night? I have yet to catch a single episode, hmmm...

  3. Missy, I'm sure that Jeroes will be rerunning this summer on Monday nights.

    We stopped watching GA - coudn't handle the medical melodrama - really, who in their right mind would have McDreamy open their skulls :)

  4. Oh, you definitely should add "Lost" to your viewing. It was an amazing season finale -- the whole series has been a great ride.


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