Stop Caring About the Wrong Things

Responded to a FB friend's post this morning by saying: "I sometimes thing of resting as not caring about things outside of my control. Which is pretty much everything." Got me to thinking how I often care too much about things that I have no control over. In a real sense that is what worry is all about. It is not about caring but about caring about the wrong things. In truth we have no control over many things. People sometimes act stupid. Sickness and disease blindside us. Floods and tornadoes happen. Better to not care about things that we have no control over.


  1. Yes, but tough not to. Granted, those you mentions we have no control over but the smaller ones, we do have or at least we hope we have. But the Phil 4:6-7 be-not-anxious-about-ANYTHING should keep us in our place.
    I used to not worry about anything but now I do - sign of old age, or rather being in mid-life crisis more like. Sorry, I ramble.

    1. Watching young people die and dealing with extreme health issues have helped me understand how little I control Pearlie.

  2. Perhaps "to care about what one cannot control" is a working definition of worry. I'll think about that.

  3. My life changed after ready and teaching Linda Dillow's book "Calm My Anxious Heart" Best book I've ever read on the subject.


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