Happy Valentines Day

For all of the gals in my life. Especially my wife, daughter, granddaughter and sister. I love each of you so much.

Thanks for the many ways that you have enriched my life with your love.
I am a better husband, father, grandfather and brother because of you.

And I am so blessed to have a wife like Ann. She inspires and encourages me every day with her love, discipline and perseverance.

I wish my blogging friends a great day. May love catch you by surprise.


  1. So sweet, they are very lucky to have you. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Bet they all love you more than bacon too. Maybe it's a close second. HaHa. Happy Valentine's Day Bob and Ann. Special friends in our book.

    1. Thanks Wanda! The problem with bacon is that it does noit love you back. Well it sort of does - it is a bit of love food. :)


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