4/6 of my Oscar guesses came true ...

Here were my guesses that I logged on Facebook yesterday morning ...

    •  Movie: Selma
    •  Director: Richard Linklater
    •  Lead Actor: Eddie Redmayne
    •  Lead Actress: JulianneMoore
    •  Supp Actor: JK Simmons
    •  Supp Actress: Patricia Arquette

I blanked on the movie and director categories but got the four acting Oscars right. Not bad considering that I had only seen one of the nominated movies and none of the actors/actresses in their nominated roles. Did you watch? If so, did you make any predictions?


  1. Made no predictions. Didn't see any of the movies...but thought Lady GaGa did the best performance of her life with the "Sound of Music". I just wish they would stick to movies, and not get political...

    1. I loved that part too Wanda. The hug with Julie Andrews was pretty special.

  2. I knew that it would be either Birdman or Boyhood. Yes I watched and I enjoyed the show. Yes Lady Gaga was amazing.

    1. Have not seen either yet Debby. Will probably catch them on video,


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