Will Shields elected to the NFL Hall of Fame

"Everyday I count the blessings that have been bestowed upon my family and me. Each day I am thankful that I was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs and think of all the people who have supported the team, our family’s foundation, and me. This community is like no other when it comes to support. Fourteen years sure fly by when you get to do what you love. The love for the game never decreased but, as the years passed, the physical requirements of the game became harder to fulfill each and every day. If it was up to me I would play football forever but, as we all know, that is unrealistic." -Will Shields

In 14 seasons Will never missed a game. Will, an outstanding lineman, appeared a record 12 consecutive time is the Pro Bowl. He was a great player and more importantly a great person. Will, along with his wife, Senia, created the “Will To Succeed” Foundation in 1993 for the purpose of inspiring, guiding, and improving the lives of abused, battered and neglected women and children. The Chiefs will sorely miss Will but Kansas City will still benefit from his presence.

Originally posted when Will retired in 2007.

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