Team or Seminary

Gotta love Peanuts!

This cartoon strip points to the way that we in the church see ourselves.

Do we see ourselves as a team or just a group of religious debaters?

The answer speaks to how we treat each other.

Sadly I too often fall into the role of debating with my teammates.

I pray that I will take on the role of teammate more than debater.

I want to be one who loves, blesses and encourages my teammates.

How about you? Debater or teammate?


  1. Too right on this one. I think it is important to know what we believe, but somehow I picture the Lord telling us when we get to heaven, My children, you didn't need to fuss amongst yourselves. I laid it out for you so clearly, then I laid down my life for you. Love. Love is what it is all about. Love God. Love others.. Believe in Me.

  2. Oh how we love to debate, when we should be debating how many ways we can love. I had not see this Peanuts, and enjoyed the read.

    1. "we should be debating how many ways we can love"

      Love that Wanda!

  3. Debating is usually to prove how right we are a lot of the time.
    I really think I am more of a team player. I am still learning to choose my battles. Life does go a bit more smoothly when I do.
    Love Wanda's remark too.

    1. Love that Sue. Being a teammate invovles choosing our battles.


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