Old Chiefs or New Chiefs?

I was a season ticket holder in the late 90s and absolutely loved the winning atmosphere in Arrowhead Stadium back then - even though we never really made it far in the playoffs (when we got there). Those winning days gave way to the mediocre ones of the past ten years. Last year the team hit an all-time low when they lost fourteen of their sixteen games.

Then came this season! All I can say is wow! The Kansas City Chiefs have not lost one of their first nine games. Even so they are getting no respect and are the underdogs this evening when they play their arch-rivals, the Denver Broncos who have only lost one game.

And the question on the minds of die-hard fans like me is which KC team will show up. Will the old sad-sack team be there or will this new, tougher and smarter team come to play? Obviously, I am hoping the New Chiefs will show up tonight! Go Chiefs!!


  1. You make this so hard. Because of your friendship I would love for the Chiefs to win. But because of my loyalty to my daughter I will be rooting for the Manning led Broncos.

    1. Appreciate that Gregg! Perhaps one of these AFC teams will meet the NFC (one loss) Seahawks in the Super Bowl?

  2. I guess I'll be rooting for Denver, but won't stay up to watch the game. I'll find out in the morning who won, and guess what, it won't change my life one iota what the outcome is! I grew up in Denver, but I've been a Kansan a lot longer than a Coloradoan.


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