Bloody Personalities

Did you know Furukama Takeji, a Japanese researcher, believed that certain personality traits can be linked to your blood type? Granted that there is no scientific documentation to prove his theory but it is fun to see how his assessments compare with our realities. I checked my type below and found it to be mostly accurate. Find your blood type and tell me what you think about this personality type theory.

Type O: You are sociable and very outgoing. You are an initiator, even though you don’t always finish what you’ve started. Innovative and popular, you like to be the center of spotlight and appear very self confident. O’s are most compatible with other O’s and AB’s.

Type A: While outwardly calm, you are such a perfectionist that you’re likely to be a ball of nerves inside. You’re the most artistic of the blood groups. You can be shy, conscientious, trustworthy, and sensitive. A’s are most compatible with other A’s and AB’s.

Type B: Result oriented and strong minded, type B people will start a job and continue until it is completed, and completed well. You are the individualists of the blood groups and find your own way in life. B’s are most compatible with other B’s and AB’s.

Type AB: You are the split personalities of the blood groups. You can be both outgoing and shy in the same time, confident and timid. You are usually responsible, but too much responsibility will cause problems. You are trustworthy and like to help others. AB’s are compatible with AB’s, B’s, A’a and O’s.


  1. Well it got part right and part really wrong. But it was fun to read. I'm type A

  2. Seems it pegs me about right. (But I don't know whether or not the theory really holds together over the broader spectrum.)

    1. I agree vanilla. Gotta wonder how he came up with the theory.


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