More United than Divided

This cartoon strip reminds me of how we can allow small things to divide us over the silliest things.
I suggest that we ponder the following things when we determine to major on the minors:
  • Most of us have experienced love and we all have opportunities to show love.
  • The sun shines and the rain falls on each and everyone one of us.
  • We all value qualities in each other like courage, kindness, honesty and humility.
  • Time stops for none of us. We each have 24 hours in a day. We all will one day die.
  • Everyone wants to believe that there is more to life than what we experience each day.
  • Our bodies are more alike than different - we each have the same life giving organs.
  • Humans beings all suffer. We each are in need of encouragement when we are down.
I know there are more! What things would you add to my list of the ways that we are alike?


  1. It clearly goes under the roll.

    Great list, I would add that everyone wants to be accepted for who they are.


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