Wandering in cyberspace...

Just in case you are wondering what I have been up to lately ... not been too inspired to blog ... here are a few of my recent and random comments on blogs and Facebook ...

Calling God bad (i.e. thinking that He is not good) is not the only reaction that we can have when bad things happen to us or our loved ones.

I look forward to the day when we who wait will once again run and not be weary.

Some think God to be evil because of the way that they envision God and His sovereignty. Guess I simply reject that view and that theology.

My thinking is that it is probably good for someone to examine whether a doctrine is heretical if they are actually trying to protect the flock that they lead.

Churches should not put membership requirements like tithing on people.

Sad that many who labor in churches and on the mission field give no thought for retirement until it is too late.

I think that poor people simply have not waited long enough for Reaganomics to kick in. #sarcasm

I do not know much about Ted Cruz. Is he or his father associated with Benny Hinn?

Not sure why but I guess it just never occurs to me to see God in a negative light during my dark valleys.

Methinks that we can probably thank the policies of Pelosi for the speakership of Boehner.

In my younger years I played the fool. Part of growing up is recognizing the ways that people of all persuasions, political and religious, manipulate us to achieve their own agendas.

Guess I am always a bit leery of people who want to be called 'pastor' outside of the church context.

I can relate to tough days. The cycle of grief sometimes catches us unawares.


  1. I was thinking about you yesterday and was hoping all was okay with you and your wife.

    1. Thanks Debby! I so appreciate you thinking about us!

  2. Tithing gets to me, too. Every time my husband has made a effort to give each week, it has always ended up with us being short in our own budget (a couple of times as far as not being able to pay the bills on time). I wonder what gives? Maybe we don't have enough faith....

    1. I am conflicted about tithing Ma. Here is another comment I recently left:

      Membership in the church universal probably involves no requirement to tithe or even to give financially.

      Membership in a local church should involve some sort of financial commitment to the mission and operation of that church.

      That said, in the spirit of Luther's quote, I believe that there should be some sort of checks and balances in a local church to insure that abuses (like indulgences) are prevented. A fellow elder once put it this way:

      "We cannot ask people to give sacrificially and then act like they did not."

      As you can tell, I am all over the place on this one. ツ


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